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Senior Pastor
Elder Reginald D. Steele

First Lady
 Lady Deborah Steele


Prayer Group

Grow - Our mission is to grow together as a unified body of believers to walk in the sanctified light that God has called us to be.

Equip - Our mission is to Equip a body of believers for service and ministry to reach lost souls and our community.

Develop - Our mission is to Develop into everything God has called us to be.

PositionOur mission is to be in a Position to help our communities, our families, and our nation.


In 1947, Elder Oscar Hall founded Hanford Village Church of God in Christ. While attending Mt. Zion Church of God in Christ, the Lord gave Elder Hall instructions to begin a second church. Those first services were held in a storefront on Fifth Avenue, and later, the church moved to Long St. and Hamilton Ave.

The Lord was blessing the ministry and the church moved a third time into a house located at 630 South Nelson Road in old Hanford Village. A fourth move took place and the church later went to Town Hall, which was also the courthouse.

Mother Ruth Hall was the beloved wife of Elder Oscar Hall, a national Missionary and noted Evangelist in the Church of God in Christ and a gifted guitar player.  She was well known in the community.

Family in Church
Family with Tablet

Elder Oscar Hall wanted to purchase a lot of lands, but money was scarce. The Lord made a way when his daughter and son in law offered to give one of their three lots for the church to be built. Church Mother Anne Mae Ingram’s husband, Raymond Ingram, worked for a lumber company. He told his boss, Mr. Brooks, about Elder Hall’s desire to build a church. Mr. Brooks provided lumber to build the church for $50.00 a month. After the church was built, the church opened its doors at 1971 Payne Avenue in Hanford village. Mother Ruth Hall, Mother Anne Mae Ingram, Mother Gardner, Norlee Thomas, Nettie Bibbs, and Rosie Monroe served as chartered members and paid the church note every month.

Elder Hall knew that God had called him to do a great work and he remained faithful to his call. The church was a place of worship, prayer, and the sharing of God’s word.

Elder Hall went home to be with the Lord, a grand event that has been called entering into Church Triumphant, in 1964. After Elder Hall’s death, Elder Ernest Jordon was appointed Pastor of Hanford Village Church of God in Christ. Elder Ernest Jordon changed the name of the church to Hall’s Memorial Church of God in Christ in honor of its founder. Elder Ernest Jordon then married Lemmie Ruth Jordon. They worked together in the ministry until his death in 1982.

Family At Church

After the death of Elder Ernest Jordon, Evangelist Lemmie Ruth Jordon the daughter of Oscar Hall, was appointed the office of Senior Pastor in 1982. During her tenure as Pastor, she led the church through tumultuous times. She helped cultivate growth in the church. During her leadership, the church was able to acquire new property at 52 Reeb Ave. The church was then named Greater Jordon Temple. Pastor Jordon served until her retirement in 2011.

In 2012, Elder Reginald Steele, the son of Pastor Lemmie Ruth Jordon, stepped into the role of Pastoral Leadership. The church, under his leadership, was renamed New Life Church of God in Christ. Under his leadership, many souls have been helped, revived, and restored. Pastor Steele and the New Life Church have been able to provide a wide span of resources to the community.

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