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Pastor Reggie Steele & First Lady Deborah Steele


Pastor Reggie Steele & First Lady Debora

Pastor Reginald D. Steele was born August 10, 1954, to a family of preachers. In 1947, the grandfather of Pastor Steele, Oscar Hall, started the Hanford Village Church of God in Christ, the Second Church of God in Christ church in Columbus Ohio. In 1964, Oscar Hall passed away, and Ernest Jordon, the stepfather of Pastor Steele, was appointed Pastor of Hanford Village. Upon his death in 1982, Pastor Steele’s mother, Lemmie Ruth Jordon, assumed the role of Pastor. Upon her retirement in 2011, Pastor Steele was appointed the role of Pastor, and the church name was changed from Greater Jordon Temple to New Life Church of God in Christ.

As a young man in the church, Pastor Steele held many positions in his years of service. He taught Sunday school, was a part of YPWW (Young People Willing Workers), directed the choir, and worked in various auxiliaries. Pastor Steele also worked in church administration, finance, served as secretary, and kept the facilities as the janitor. If there was a place in which to serve, Pastor Steele served unto the Lord. As an Elder, Pastor Steele served as an adjutant to the Bishop of the Ohio North Jurisdiction.

In 1981, Pastor Steele was ordained an Elder in the Church of God in Christ. In 1986, Elder Steele was ordained into the Greater Works Ministries, where he served as the finance officer of the organization. Pastor Steele matriculated through and graduated from the Columbus Public School system, and, in 1977, received an Associates Degree in Business Management from the Columbus Technical Institute.  

Pastor Steele is married to Deborah Steele. They married in 1980 and have four children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

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